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A flower for you, my lady.

Sloths are what happens when coconuts come alive

That…that is the best descriptions of sloths ever.
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The tea has been spilled and it’s scalding
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I’d definitely kiss your entire face and make you pancakes and buy you records

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you’re not the only asshole here, John
based on this
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i bet they go to gaming conventions together and latula watches rufioh participate in the huge ass fiduspawn contests
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Who needs boys when you have a cute widdle kittycat??
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A Love Like War on We Heart It -
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How Kankri makes descions:

1. Is it beneficial to me?
    a.) Yes. ———> D9 the thing.
    b.) No ————> See next questi9n.

2. Will it offend others?
    a.) Yes ——-> D9nt care, d9 it anyway.
    b.) No ———> See next questi9n.

3. Would it piss Signless off?
    a.) Yes ————> Ign9re previ9us questi9ns, definitley d9 the thing.
    b.) No ————-> D9 N9T D9 THE THING.

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